Gypsum Block Production Line

  • Gypsum Block Machine

    Gypsum Block Machine

    The calcined natural gypsum powder first is sent to powder silo, the silo is with leveling instrument, etc. Then the powder enters into weighing silo, after measured by electronic scale, the materials enters into mixer through pheumatic valve. The water enters the mixer through water measuring device. Other additives can be added into mixer according to actual requirements.

  • Gypsum Block Production Line

    Gypsum Block Production Line

    The gypsum powder, first is sent to silo by bucket elevator, then it is fed into dosing silo; after measuring accurately, the powder is fed into mixer. The raw material and water are well-mixed into slurry and poured into shaping machine. Then hydraulic station drives hydraulic lifting system to take gypsum blocks out from mould. At the same time, the space clamp clamps, lifts and transports blocks to drying yard.  The whole system is controlled by PLC.