Gypsum powder grinding system

The vibrating feeder feeds the raw gypsum rock evenly and continuously into mill for grinding. The gypsum powder after grinding is taken away with airflow of blower, and is classified by separator. The suitable powder enters with air flow into cyclone collector through the pipeline. In the cyclone collector, the separation and collection are carried out, and then discharged through powder discharge valve to obtain the finished powder. The airflow goes through return pipe at the upper end of cyclone collector, then is drawn into blower. The whole airflow system of mill system is sealed and circulated, and it circulates under positive and negative pressure conditions.

In the mill, due to certain water content in the material, the heat generated during grinding causes the gas in the mill to evaporate to change the air flow capacity, and the outside air is sucked in to increase air volume to circulating airflow. For this reason, the residual air pipe between blower and mill is adjusted to reach the balance of the airflow, and the excess gas is led into bag filter, and the fine powder brought by residual air is collected by bag filter, and the remaining air is purified and discharged.



1.Vertical structure with small land, independent system to grind rocks into powder;
2.The finished product is of even fineness, with 98% passing;
3.The drive device adopts close gearbox to have stable drive and reliable operation. The key parts of mill all are made of excellent steel to make mill durable, stable and reliable;
4.The electrical system adopts central control to have advance automation, easy to adjust the machines;
5.Compared with 5R Raymond mill, under the same condition, the capacity can be increased 10%, the roller’s grinding force can increase 1500kgf under the function of high pressure spring.
6.Grinding device adopts overlapped multi-stage seal to have good sealing.

Post time: May-18-2021