What is gypsum plaster board?

The gypsum plaster boards produced in world scope mainly include: paper-faced gypsum board, paper-free gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board, gypsum sound-absorbing board, etc.

(1)Paper-faced gypsum board. Paper-faced gypsum board is a kind of lightweight board made of gypsum slurry as the core and paper on both sides as protection. Paper-faced gypsum board is light in texture, high in strength, fireproof, mothproof, and easy to process. Ordinary gypsum board is used for interior walls, partition walls and suspended ceilings. The fire-resistant water-resistant gypsum board can be used on the walls of rooms with high humidity, such as tiles, metal plates, and plastic wall linings for toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Gypsum board is a material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a kind of green building material with light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, convenient processing, sound insulation, heat insulation, and fireproof performance. It is one of the new light-weight panels that are currently being developed. And it can be further process to be ceiling tile by covering with PVC decorative film and cutting into small pieces.


(2)Paperless gypsum board is a kind of board with superior performance, which substitutes wood board. It is a new type of building board with Beta gypsum stucco as the main material and various fibers as reinforcing materials. It is another new product successfully developed after plasterboard has been widely used. Because the surface protection paper is omitted, the scope of application is not only covering the entire application range of the paper-faced plaster board, but also expanded, and its comprehensive performance is better than that of the paper-faced plaster board, however, its capacity is small.

(3) Decorative gypsum board. Decorative gypsum board is made of building gypsum as the main raw material, mixed with a small amount of fiber materials, etc., with a variety of patterns and floral decorations, such as gypsum printing board, perforated ceiling board, gypsum relief ceiling board, paper-faced gypsum decorative board Wait. It is a new type of interior decoration material, suitable for medium and high-end decoration, and has the characteristics of light weight, fire resistance, moisture resistance, easy processing, and simple installation. In particular, the surface of the new-type resin imitation decorative waterproof gypsum board is covered with resin, and the decorative imitation pattern is vivid, novel and generous. The board has high strength, pollution resistance, and easy cleaning. It can be used to decorate walls and make walls. Boards and skirting boards are ideal materials to replace natural stone and terrazzo.

Post time: May-18-2021