Raw Material

  • Paper for Gypsum Board

    Paper for Gypsum Board

    Gray paper-faced /Environmental friendly/Light weight/Moisture-resistant/smoothness

    Delivery time: Within 15 days after your advance payments

  • Fiberglass


  • Nail
  • Modified Starch

    Modified Starch

    Technical index of modified starch Item parameter Starch content >80% (damp) Water content ≦10% Ash content ≦6% Protein content ≦0.3% PH value 5-7 Fine degree 0.2mm square hole screen, ≦4% Adhere performance Dry and hot combination I, damp and hot combination  I-III
  • Foaming Agent

    Foaming Agent

    Technical parameter of foaming agent Item Index Effective content Reactive materials >35% PH value  7–9 Essential oil soluble content ≧1.8% Sodium sulfate content ≦2.0% Sodium chloride ≦0.1% Cloudy point <10℃ Density 1.02g/cm³ Foam height ≧180mm
  • Angle bead
  • Gesso retarder
  • Water Reducing Agent
  • Plasterboard Head Paper

    Plasterboard Head Paper

    This edging tape paper is used for packing gypsum board. You can design your company label and send the picture to us, our designer will make and reconfirmation for you.

  • PVC Glue

    PVC Glue

    It is also called polyvinyl acetate emulsion, it is produced from Vinyl acetate-ethylene,polyving akohol and other high polymer material polymerization. Compared with other congeneric product, it is easier to handle, faster to solidify, better to bond and never fire and so on.

  • Silica Oil

    Silica Oil

    Under the action of metal catalyst, it can be crosslinked at appropriate temperature to form waterproof membrane on various substrates. It is widely used in production of gypsum board, fabric, fire extinguishing agent (dry powder), paper, metal, leather, wood, glass, cement, ceramic, marble as water repellent, anti-adhesive or anti-corrosive agent.

  • Gypsum Board Foaming Agent

    Gypsum Board Foaming Agent

    Gypsum Board foaming agent: it is used for gypsum foaming in the process of paper surface gypsum board production.